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Currency Converter for Android

Currency Converter is a free to use app for Android Phones.

Currency Converter supports over 150 international currencies. This means that you can do all of your currency conversion task in this single app.

Our app is perfectly suited for people who travel internationally and often need to know the conversion rate in certain countries. It is perfect for all other persons who want latest forex (foreign exchange) rates for any reasons.

Currency Rates in updated every hour on our server and whenever you start your app, it will automatically fetch and display the latest rates on your app. You can also do refresh from the app to get the latest currency conversion rates.

Our app will also work offline, this means that even when you don't have access to Internet our app will show you exchange rates for all the currencies.

If you want to know when was the exchange rates last updated, you just have to see at the bottom of your screen. We show a small information view that shows the time whe…