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Android Apps Sale in August 2018 by Samved

We are very happy to announce that we will be having Sale for our apps in the month of August. If you want to buy our apps at huge discounts of around 50 percent discount note down the dates of sale for our various app.

Dates of August Sale
1) Unit Converter - From Aug 8, 2018 to Aug 15, 2018
Unit Converter is a powerful and easy to use tool for converting units of measurements. Currently it supports conversion of units from the following categories - Angle, Area, Data Storage, Data Transfer, Energy, Length (Distance), Number System, Pressure, Shoe Size, Speed (Velocity), Temperature, Time, Volume (Capacity), Weight (Mass).
2) All-In-One Calculator and Unit Converter (Pro) - From Aug 9, 2018 to Aug 15, 2018
All-In-One Calculator and Unit Converter (Pro) is a very useful and powerful tool for many purposes.
Its key features are as follow: Built-in CalculatorMath Calculators (Algebra and Geometry)Financial CalculatorsHealth CalculatorsUnit ConvertersTime Calculators3) Health Calculator (Pro)

Health Calculator for Android

Health Calculator is an easy to use app for measuring your health and fitness using standard methods.

Health Calculator offers you 5 different type of methods to check your health.
BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index) - BMI calculator is useful for checking whether you are underweight, normal, overweight, or obese. Body Mass Index is calculated using a person's height and weight.Daily Calorie Intake - Daily Calorie Intake Calculator is useful for calculating the number of calories you should consume daily. It is calculated using a person's gender, age, height, weight, and activity level.Daily Water Intake Calculator - Daily Water Intake Calculator is helpful for calculating the amount of water an average person should drink daily for staying hydrated. Ideal Body Weight - Ideal Body Weight calculator calculates the most appropriate weight that is suitable for you. It is calculated using a persons gender and height.Body Fat Percentage - Body Fat Percentage calculates the percentage of…

Currency Converter for Android

Currency Converter is free to use Android app for converting one international currency to another.

Currency Converter supports over 50 most popular international currencies including United States Dollar, Euro, Indian Rupee, Pound sterling, Bitcoin.

We also support offline mode so that you can convert currencies even when the internet is not available. Currency rates are updated everytime you start the app with an active internet connection.

Currency rates are updated every hour which means you will always have the latest Foreign Exchange rates (Forex).

Currency Converter also offers In-App Subscription for removing ads. This feature is intended for people who find ads annoying.

We hope you will like our app. If you any suggestion, feature request or complaint feel free to contact us at

Unit Converter for Android

We are very happy to introduce Unit Converter app for the Android platform. It will be available for purchase on Google Play Store from 7 August 2018 onwards.

Unit Converter is an easy to use and powerful app for the Android smartphones for conversion of common units of measurement. It supports many different conversion categories and new categories will be regularly added. Here are some of the categories currently supported by the app.

AngleAreaData StorageData TransferEnergyLength (Distance)Number SystemPressureShoe SizeSpeed (Velocity)TemperatureTimeVolume (Capacity)Weight (Mass) In addition to all these categories, Unit Converter also has a built-in calculator for performing mathematical calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.
We hope you will like our app. If you have any query or want to request a feature, feel free to contact us at