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All-In-One Calculator and Unit Converter

All-In-One Calculator

All-In-One Calculator and Unit Converter is a Free, easy to use multi-purpose calculator and unit converter for Android Platform.

It features over 40 calculators and unit converters, categorized under Algebra, Finance, Geometry, Health and Time.

Designed with simplicity in mind, features are easily accessible and searchable. It helps you solve everyday problems with ease.

Features include

  • Algebra, Algebra, Finance, Geometry, Health, Time Calculators
  • 14+ Unit Converters
  • Currency Converter (30+ currencies supported) with offline support
  • General Calculator
  • Equation Solver - Linear Equation, Quadratic Equation, System of Equations
  • Fraction Calculator - Fraction Simplifier, Decimal To Fraction
  • GCF/LCM Calculator- Greatest Common Factor, Lowest Common Multiple
  • Percentage Calculator - Percentage Of X From Y, Percentage Up/Down
  • Permutation & Combination
  • Compound Interest Calculator
  • Currency Converter - 30+ currencies
  • Discount Calculator
  • Simple Calculator
  • Tax Calculator
  • Tip Calculator
  • Area Calculator - Circle, Ellipse, Parallelogram, Rectangle, Square, Trapezium, Triangle
  • Heron's Formula
  • Perimeter Calculator - Circle, Parallelogram, Rectangle, Rhombus, Square
  • Surface Area Calculator - Cone, Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder, Sphere
  • Volume Calculator - Cone, Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder, Pyramid, Sphere
  • Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
  • Body Fat Percentage Calculator
  • Calorie Intake Calculator
  • Ideal Body Weight Calculator
  • Age Calculator
  • Elapsed Time - Dates, Times
Unit Converter
  • Angle Converter
  • Area Converter
  • Data Storage Converter
  • Data Transfer Converter
  • Energy Converter
  • Length Converter
  • Number System Converter - Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hexa Decimal
  • Pressure Converter
  • Shoe Size Converter (Men, Women, Childrens) - US Size, Euro Size, UK Size, Inches, Centimeters
  • Speed Converter
  • Temperature Converter
  • Time Converter
  • Volume Converter
  • Weight Converter


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